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Cynthia Trickel
work smarter
Thu Jun 18, 2015 22:37

Allowing students to write without worrying about spelling or editing the first time around sounds like it will allow for more thoughts to flow into the writing. It will allow the students to experience some success without having to deal with correction. Also a good point about the mistake we make as teachers only focusing on grammar and spelling. We need to read the student's work for interpretation first. When someone writes they are sharing a little piece of themselves...

  • reply to lavertyse: work smarter not harder - macdonaldke, Wed Jun 17 20:28
    I think this is a great idea to have students write as much as they can and then allow them to look up words when preparing to write a second draft. I personally love writing, but I know that usually ... more
    • work smarter - Cynthia Trickel, Thu Jun 18 22:37
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