stacy huffman
re: 3 answers to questions
Thu Jun 18, 2015 22:54

I love the example that was used in the lecture about copying Arabic! I plan to present this at one of our grade-level meetings as an activity to introduce the new strategies that I have learned in this course. I feel certain that after everyone traces that Arabic worksheet that my coworkers will no longer view this as an effective strategy! Or at least I should hope so!

  • 3 answers to questions - koppenhaverd, Wed Jun 17 15:20
    1. Copying is ineffective after it is used to introduce a new letter. It loses utility after 3-6 copies. It is ineffective because it reduces a complex social, linguistic, cognitive, and... more
    • re: 3 answers to questions - stacy huffman, Thu Jun 18 22:54
    • Re: 3 answers to Qs - bennettmc, Wed Jun 17 15:56
      Thanks for the reply Dr. Koppenhaver. I was glad to learn that Eric's mom and Eric's teacher attended the classes you teach because our understanding of concepts like these are so often wrong. That's ... more
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