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Cassidy Milosh
First Step
Thu Jun 18, 2015 23:15

The first step in the five-step process struck me as important to really think about. The first move isn't to go to the evidence-based practices for students with ASD. You start with just genuinely good quality instruction for all writers. THEN you add in tactics, not necessarily for writing instruction, that are effective with kids with ASD.
I also read in more than one article this week that research is scanty on writing instruction for students with ASD as well as writing performance in general. It is worrisome.. their behavior problems were attacked swiftly but academic strategies lag behind. As the field grows, the body of research will grow, too. Maybe I will go on to specialize in the field and keep researching (:

  • Five Steps - Amanda Wallace, Thu Jun 18 18:18
    I found the five-step process for developing novel programs, which are: Review practices deemed effective for all struggling writers, identify what procedures hove been applied to teach writing to... more
    • RE: Five Steps - Nicholas Flippen, Fri Jun 19 20:11
      Hey Amanda! You asked a very good question. Why aren't we doing more? I think as the years go by and more and more research is done in a certain field, it lays the foundation for even more work to be ... more
    • Reply to Five Steps - Maggie Horne, Fri Jun 19 11:36
      I agree with you, Madison and Cassidy. There is so little research on practices and strategies with writing for students with ASD and it really shocked me to hear that acknowledged. We need to change ... more
    • First Step - Cassidy Milosh, Thu Jun 18 23:15
    • Repy - K. Madison Broome, Thu Jun 18 21:23
      I have wondered the same thing! It seems that there is a lack of research with a lot of things when it comes to students with ASD. I imagine as people learn more and more about ASD the research... more
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