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Megan Rembert
Re: what's reasonable
Fri Jun 19, 2015 10:09

I definitely agree. I think that especially when topics are limited (or at least topics that will get the student to write about), you should allow the child to write about anything they are passionate about. I know as a teacher I would be able to send it home to mom, but I guess you should have to address the specific school first? I know sending that on as a writing sample to your next teacher would cause alarm in an everyday classroom. But I do agree with you, I don't think there should be a hold on students interests (within limits).

  • what's reasonable - koppenhaverd, Thu Jun 18 16:42
    I'd defend Ashley on this one. She wasn't advocating violence or killing. She was writing about a movie engrained in popular culture from a personal perspective and with humor. Forbidding children to ... more
    • Re: what's reasonable - Megan Rembert, Fri Jun 19 10:09
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