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Maggie Horne
E-pals Program with Middle Schoolers and Preservice Teachers
Fri Jun 19, 2015 10:34

I really enjoyed reading Developing Technology- Supported, Evidence-Based Writing Instruction for Adolescents with Significant Writing Disabilities by Wollak and Koppenhaver (2011). They introduced a writing program that was set up between middle school students and preservice teachers from a nearby university. Middle school students would be given an "e-pal", the preservice teacher", and they would have conversations with them through email for an entire semester. This strategy was used to address two factors that researchers believed were lacking in most writing instruction, motivation and social context. Although this was an informal study, the use of this strategy proved to be extremely effective. It stated in the article that many students loved writing to their e-pal and after this experience they enjoyed writing a lot more. I believe this is because it was structured enough to help them develop their emails, but they were allowed to discuss whatever topic they desired, as long as it was appropriate. Most of the conversations did not have to do with academic content, although some did. I was wondering if their would be a way to modify this strategy to cover more academic content in a way that would benefit the students and the preservice teachers? Would it be beneficial for the preservice teachers to create lesson plans that the students would complete with the help of their classroom teachers or teaching assistants? How could we make that happen?

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