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Excited to work with you again!
Wed May 27, 2015 17:21

Hi Kelly! I am excited for the chance to be in a class, and a group, together again! It was great to learn together in our last music class, and now we can continue to learn from one another's experiences. I also have limited experience with students with autism. As Elementary Educators, we will likely have students with ASD in our classrooms in inclusion settings. This class will help us learn how to best serve them and to let them be as included as possible. I'm excited for us to learn together as we head into our senior year!

  • Elementary Ed, little experience with autism - Kelly MacDonald, Tue May 26 22:55
    Hello all, my name is Kelly MacDonald and I'm going to be a senior at App next year, although I am currently in the 4+1 program for Reading Education. I am an Elementary Education major and have just ... more
    • Excited to work with you again! - luckadooso, Wed May 27 17:21
    • Reply to Kelly M. - Rebecca McVey, Wed May 27 16:15
      It's great to hear that so many Elementary Education students are in this course! I would love to hear about the student that you taught in first grade with the Autism. Also, I'm sure that throughout ... more
    • Little Experience - brawleyeo, Wed May 27 14:19
      Hi Kelly! I also don't have much experience working with individuals with autism, so I'm really looking forward to this course. Enjoy your senior year! It goes by too fast!
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