Re: Student Teachers-Module 4 Lesson
Fri Jun 19, 2015 12:38

Give a glow: I really liked how you set up your lesson plan in an easy to follow way. If a substitute came into your room I feel like it would be easy for them to teach this mini-lesson successfully. One small thing you did that I though was really important was to include what students (or TA) worked well with the students with ASD. This is something we need to keep in mind for these students and all of our students. Intentional pairing and know who works well with who is important to success. Knowing who worked well with Steven can help him succeed. That peer support is important and not everyone can provide that for students with ASD.

Give a grow: As a suggestion, I would show students more examples of thesis statements. I think that the model you provided is good and shows them what you are looking for. In an inclusion room, it might be beneficial to show them more than one example. Show it to them in a completed essay so they see where it is and how it is used. I think this might help their execution of it.

Overall, I thought your plan was well thought out and easy to follow. I think it is a good lesson that would be easy for the students to understand.

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