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Elementary Education too
Wed May 27, 2015 17:28

Hi Karley,

I am excited to work with you this summer through both this class and the gym. I am going to be in block I in the fall, as I am a semester behind, but I would love any tips and tricks of the trade if you have them! I think working with students in a speech pathology setting would be interesting. It is good to come into this class with a different point of view than just education. I also have someone with Asperger's Syndrome in my life and they bring in many different points of view and joy into my life. I am excited to learn from you in this class!

  • Introduction - Karley Ingold, Tue May 26 21:25
    Hello! My name is Karley and I am currently still an undergraduate student pursuing a degree in Elementary Education. I am a part of the Reading Education 4+1 program and am very interested in how... more
    • Tell us more about your friend - Brooke Hardin, Wed May 27 23:11
      Karley, it's great that you have some personal experience with ASD and a context in which to apply the strategies and issues we discuss in the course. Can you tell us more about your high school... more
      • High School Friend - Karley Ingold, Wed May 27 23:47
        Well while he was very smart he did sometimes struggle in class with understanding directions and would ask a lot of questions sometimes because he would become unfocused and not pay attention. My... more
    • Hey Karley! - Nicholas Flippen, Wed May 27 17:34
      Hello Karley! I think it's awesome that you have had the experience to work beside your mother who is a SLP. These are the type of related service people that we will need to form effective... more
    • Elementary Education too - luckadooso, Wed May 27 17:28
    • Reply - K. Madison Broome, Wed May 27 10:16
      Hey Karley! I am doing the Reading Education 4+1 program too! I am also really excited to see how students with ASD develop reading skills!
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