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Rachel Caldwell
As a child...
Fri Jun 19, 2015 14:49

When I was in elementary school, I loved doing word searches and I did not mind writing words over and over because they were simple and fun to do in between activities in class. So like you said, I can see using these maybe as children finish work but I have seen how this type of spelling has affected me in the long run. I was never allowed to spell how I wanted to without getting points taken off my grade and never learned to sound words out. This still hinders my spelling as I will shy away from words that I am not sure how to spell. I am saying all this because I think we need to spend more time encouraging free writing and spelling and less time on worksheets that can be completed absent-mindlessly.

  • Re: True but.. - catheyt, Thu Jun 18 14:08
    I agree with you Kelsie. As a teacher you are going to have your kids doing activities that are essentially time fillers (busy work). You just have to be aware of these as you do them. You should not ... more
    • As a child... - Rachel Caldwell, Fri Jun 19 14:49
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