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Re: Digital Texts
Fri Jun 19, 2015 15:02

One thing that comes to mind is Raz-Kids, which is online and has so many leveled books. The program will read the books aloud and highlight each word as it reads it. And then the students can read the books again online themselves, without it reading to them. I think this is a good way to start implementing digital text in the classroom. As far as writing, you could use TarHeel Reader or some of the other programs Dr. Koppenhaven talks about so that students can practice writing text online and possibly publishing their work.

  • Digital texts - Erica Phelps, Thu Jun 18 21:28
    This week, I learned a lot about teaching students with ASD to write. I have always felt that writing was equally as important as reading, but I was surprised tor read that the majority of the... more
    • Re: Digital texts - hinesjd, Sat Jun 20 12:20
      Agreed. With the influx of digital texts, we have to introduce them earlier in life to make sure student don't fall behind. There are several programs available for students to read, write, and... more
    • Digital Texts - Amanda Wallace, Fri Jun 19 21:57
      I was also surprised when I read there is not much research on writing for students with ASD. I think this is an area we need to start researching more since it is so important. I also agree that... more
    • Re: Digital Texts - andersenal, Fri Jun 19 15:02
      • Reply: Andersonal - Erica Phelps, Fri Jun 19 20:07
        I like the idea of using Raz-Kids in the classroom. I think that this sounds like a great way to introduce digital texts early and get students comfortable with using digital texts in addition to... more
    • Re: digital texts - Cynthia Trickel, Thu Jun 18 22:15
      I was also surprised when I read about the research on writing. The part about writing effecting students ability to participate in today's society was also very eye-opening for me. I really had not... more
      • Reply: Cynthia - Erica Phelps, Fri Jun 19 20:16
        Cynthia, I also thought that the explanation about writing affecting students' ability to participate in today's society was eye-opening. I think that people do not usually realize how often they use ... more
    • Re:Digitial texts - Hunter Hastings, Thu Jun 18 22:11
      Honestly, kids are being exposed to digital texts practically the second they are born it seems. Kids everywhere have iPads they are playing on, and more often than not they are being exposed to... more
      • Reply: Hunter - Erica Phelps, Fri Jun 19 20:27
        Hunter, I agree. Kids now have more technology at their disposal than we ever had. My friend's sister recently bought her two year old an iPad for his birthday. I think that teaching kids about... more
    • Implementing digital text - Jordan Seagraves, Thu Jun 18 21:45
      A lot of schools have Kindles or iPads for students to use. Having e-text on these devices can help students begin to read digital texts. It is also great for students who are reading below grade... more
      • Reply: Jorda. - Erica Phelps, Fri Jun 19 20:32
        Jordan, I love the idea of using iPads or Kindles so that students who are reading below grade level can read lower level books without being embarrassed. I have noticed the use of iPads in many... more
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