Feedback - ASU Seniors
Fri Jun 19, 2015 21:33

I love that y'all went a completely different angle with your lesson plan and focused on a high school level student. It's always interesting to see writing instruction lesson plans for older students. In the "model" section of your lesson plan, I thought that the use of a "visual model" at the end is always a beneficial thing. The "link" portion of your mini lesson plan at the end I thought was very interesting. I love how y'all separated it "beginning, middle, end" in order to organize their thoughts to create a story. Very creative! Overall an easy lesson plan to follow and definitely different from the norm, which is something I really loved about it!

  • ASU Seniors Module 4 Lesson Plan - Nicholas Flippen, Fri Jun 19 19:55
    Group Members: Rebecca McVey, Nicholas Flippen, Cassidy Milosh, Madison Broome and Brittany Vallas... more
    • Re: Module 4 Lesson Plan - wigginsmr, Sat Jun 20 22:11
      This is a good lesson. It is simple and straight forward, but it gives students an opportunity to make connections between what we read and what we write. I like how the hand out breaks down what the ... more
    • Re: Module 4 Lesson Plan - Ali Carr, Sat Jun 20 18:38
      I liked your lesson plan and the way that you structured it meet the individual needs of your student. I like the way that you have the students sitting around in a circle to discuss and then have... more
    • Reply to ASU Seniors lesson plan - Hayden Porter, Sat Jun 20 11:33
      You all did a really good job with your lesson plan. I liked how you chose to write it for a high school student. Your plan is very detailed and uses assistive technology. I also really liked the... more
    • Feedback - ASU Seniors - Chelsea King, Fri Jun 19 21:33
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