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Allison Powers
Freedom in E-Pals
Fri Jun 19, 2015 22:34

One thing our group talked about was how much structure needed to be provided for the E-Pal program. I think that one of the benefits to the students is they can discuss what matters to them. I would guess that this would make them more likely to write at greater lengths than if it was a teacher selected topic. However, in the short video about Joey, most of what he wanted to talk about revolved around "Blues Clues," so I started thinking more about what the teacher's role would be in this. It might be helpful for the teacher to provide some guidance in the discussion so that it is not repetitive and the student is required to explore other thoughts, but that poses the question of how much direction to give. In my opinion, posing questions to the student to help them elaborate on what they are talking about, or maybe even change the direction of the conversation a little bit, would be appropriate scaffolding. What do you guys think?

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