Sara Pappas
Re: Elementary Ed Module 4
Fri Jun 19, 2015 22:52

I really like this mini-lesson; quick and easy. It addressed good instruction on animals and zoo-life but also related it back to the students interests. Showing an example of the teachers favorite animal is also a good idea because it serves as a model which all students need sometimes. It's hard to hear a teacher give instructions but then not be able to picture in our mind what they're asking. I also really like the full lesson. Maybe having the teacher involved a little bit more in the think/pair/share because sometimes students can feel intimidated by other students, if they think their animal is cooler than theirs or something. But all in all very good lesson!

  • Elementary Ed Module 4 - McKenzi Davis, Fri Jun 19 09:32
    McKenzi Davis Sarah Luckado Kelsie Fender Kelly MacDonald
    • re:elementary ed lesson plan - stacy huffman, Sat Jun 20 20:52
      I really like the idea of having the student draw their own picture and writing about it! I think that having them create something of interest to them is a great way to engage them in the activity.... more
    • So Engaging! - whitemb2, Sat Jun 20 11:20
      I loved your lesson! It was so engaging and full of imagination which (as a child for life) I am loving! I can't believe you came up with the idea for the children to create their own animals and... more
    • Reply to Elementary Educators - Cynthia Trickel, Sat Jun 20 10:24
      I loved the subject of your lesson. I am assuming since you are the “Elementary Educators” that this lesson is for younger students. Students in this age range should love making up their own animal... more
    • Re: Elementary Ed Module 4 - Sara Pappas, Fri Jun 19 22:52
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