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Allison Powers
Fri Jun 19, 2015 23:10

I agree with Becca, some skills that involve pen and paper for everyday life and independence are important. I think we are all hesitant when it comes to incorporating technology into our students' lives. We hear so much from both the negative and positive perspectives that it is difficult to decide what to do. However, after this module in particular, I am convinced that the type of computer programs that we have witnessed to aid in writing can be a huge help to our kids. They cannot take the place of other forms of instruction, but they can absolutely aid our students in written expression- and that has been proven over and over.

  • Reply to Nicholas - Haley Brigman, Fri Jun 19 22:00
    Nicholas, I didn't realize that AT played such a heavy role in instruction for students with ASD. I have some experience in the schools and with students with ASD, and I've never seen AT being used.... more
    • AT - Allison Powers, Fri Jun 19 23:10
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