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Sarah Baier
Re: Reply to Sarah
Fri Jun 19, 2015 23:21

I think t should be mandatory to have working computers or even tablets in a classroom. Sadly in the area I live in, the schools are in definite need of funding. I wonder if a teacher could do some sort of fundraiser for their own classroom to supply electronics, does anyone know if that is possible?

  • Reply to Sarah - andersenal, Fri Jun 19 14:48
    I think that alot of these students do prefer using the computer. A boy with ASD in one of my internships liked using his AplhaSmart much better than writing with a pencil. I think that schools are... more
    • Re: Reply to Sarah - Sarah Baier, Fri Jun 19 23:21
      • Fundraising - andersenal, Sat Jun 20 11:11
        I definitely think that fundraising could be a possibility. Teachers pay for things out of pocket all the time so I don't see why fundraising couldn't be an option. Maybe it could be held at the... more
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