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Sarah Baier
Re: The Struggle With Pen and Paper
Fri Jun 19, 2015 23:39

That software sounds like it would really help students write with confidence. I wonder how much those programs cost to have in your classroom?

  • The Struggle With Pen and Paper - Allison Powers, Fri Jun 19 22:20
    I am currently working with a seven year old boy who has autism. Today, we started writing books and he was super excited to write about Minecraft. After he wrote the first page he said he didn't... more
    • Re: The Struggle with Pen and Paper - wigginsmr, Sat Jun 20 23:47
      I think that practice with fine motor skills and writing are important, but they do not have to be taught at the same time. Students can work on their hand writing and letter formation skills at... more
    • Not being able to communicate - Cassidy Milosh, Sat Jun 20 08:56
      I agree with Allison. It's not so much that they 'prefer' computers or other methods of writing sometimes but that they really need that alternative 'pen and paper'. It's about giving the student... more
    • Re: The Struggle With Pen and Paper - Sarah Baier, Fri Jun 19 23:39
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