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Re: Molly Smith Introduction
Wed May 27, 2015 18:10

Hi Molly, I am a senior in the Elementary Education program as well. I have not had much experience with teaching students with autism either. I think it is great you joined our study group since we seem to have a lot in common.

  • Molly Smith Introduction - Molly Smith, Wed May 27 13:15
    Hi everyone!! My name is Molly Smith and I am a senior Elementary Education major at ASU. I am currently enrolled in the 4+1 Reading Education program, and am so excited that I can get my autism... more
    • reply - rognstadgr, Fri May 29 13:06
      Molly I think that it is great that you are learning as much as possible about students with ASD. As a general education teacher you will be ahead of the game at IEP meeting and in the classroom!
    • Re: Molly Smith Introduction - Anonymous, Thu May 28 11:05
      Hi Molly, I am also a senior studying Elementary Education at ASU. I am part or the distance education program though. I just finished block II and am getting ready to start student teaching. I hope... more
    • Reply to Molly - Navila Castro, Wed May 27 19:55
      Helo Molly, it's awesome that you have had some great personal experience with individuals with ASD, I hope you can teach us about your experiences.
    • Hi Molly! - Allison Powers, Wed May 27 18:16
      Hi Molly! First, I think it's awesome that you are pursing this as an elementary education major. I'm sure it will really benefit you in your career! I'm sure that you already know this from spending ... more
    • Re: Molly Smith Introduction - parsonkl, Wed May 27 18:10
    • Hi Molly - Britt Hatcher, Wed May 27 14:50
      Hi Molly! It is so great to see that there are so many students in this course that are in the 4+1 program! It is also nice to have people who are one semester ahead of me, I may reach out for... more
    • so much personal experience - koppenhaverd, Wed May 27 13:27
      I'm envious of your early start in experiences with and understanding of ASD. I was upper elementary/middle school at your age and didn't know autism from a carton of milk. Hope you'll bring in your... more
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