Maggie Horne
Reply to Supa Squad
Sat Jun 20, 2015 10:15

Hey Supa Squad! Why do I have the feeling Rachel or Jacob picked that name? I really enjoyed your "Writing Through a Mask" lesson plan! It is a great idea to evoke empathy from your students, which is something that can be too abstract and difficult for some students with ASD to comprehend. You did a great job at explain the steps the substitute was to take and what I loved the most, why the sub was having the students do this activity. Explaining the purpose of this lesson to the sub makes it more meaningful and they will be more likely to actively participate instead of just giving directions. I know we think of our students in that manner, but all people benefit from knowing a purpose! That is an aspect that many teachers don't include in their lessons and I love that y'all thought of that. Each aspect of the lesson; anchor, set focus, model, guided practice, and link were clear and easy to understand. This could easily be a whole lesson and not just a mini lesson with a few modifications! The only thing I would add is when the students would be coming into the classroom, what time of day this lesson takes place, and maybe a little bit more about Jeremy and Janet as students and what the teacher should expect. Other than that, everything was well planned out and fits the purpose of the lesson perfectly! Great job!

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    Group Members: Jacob Hines, Allison Powers, Sonya Summey, Rachel Caldwell
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      I really liked your lesson this week! Our group actually had a similar case with 2 kids working together to make a story! I loved how you appealed to their interests and made it relatable. I also... more
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      This is a really great lesson! I think that it is so applicable and useful for kids with autism. I think the topic you chose is fun and definitely meets the needs of those students. I think that the... more
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      Hey guys, I just finished reading through your writing lesson plan. I really liked the "Writing Through A Mask" mini lesson. I think that's a great way to get your students interacting with the story ... more
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