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time in planning
Sat Jun 20, 2015 10:24

I remember a training I wen tot years ago on writer's workshop and the writing process. The trainer talked a lot about time went in each area of the writing process. It was her belief that the majority of the students time should be in the planning stage and then the drafting stage. If the student carefully plans out their writing and continues to add details in the planning stage, the drafting stage will actually be much quicker.
Then over the past few years I used Lucy Calkin's Primary Writing lessons. She has the kids do very little planning and seems to do the majority of work in the drafting and revising stages.The kids do a general planning, something like tell the story across your fingers, then begin writing right away. I wonder which approach would best suit ASD children.

  • Choices - Jean Milton, Thu Jun 18 21:29
    I observed a teacher not too long ago who always provided writing prompts when she needed her students to write. She would always give a minimum of 3 choices and if the students didn't like the three ... more
    • time in planning - catheyt, Sat Jun 20 10:24
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