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Your lesson plan is very detailed and appropriate. Your description of the student with ASD was thorough and I feel that this lesson is appropriate for him, especially with the focus on opinion writing and your careful directions for modeling as a teacher (but if this was your plan I would add the reasons why chocolate ice cream is the best so they don't have to come up with it themselves if it was used for substitutes). I also through the graphic organizer was very appropriate and helpful for this lesson! Two things to include next time could be how you would pair up the students for discussion (would they choose a partner, already assigned, etc.) and what kind of things you would do as you read the pigeon book (comprehension questions, guiding towards the opinion piece like "uh oh, was this a good idea?") but overall great lesson!

  • ASU 4+1 group lesson plan - ASU 4 + 1, Sat Jun 20 11:27 Rebecca Wiggins Chelsea King Alexandra Carr Hayden Porter
    • ASU 4+1 Lesson Plan - Kelsie Fender, Sat Jun 20 21:24
      I really enjoyed reading how you would teach about opinionated writing. I think your choice of topics (both the ice cream and book) for introducing this are fabulous ways to engage the children.... more
    • Re - McKenzi Davis, Sat Jun 20 18:28
      Overall, I really liked this lesson. I think that Don't Let The Pigeon Drive The Bus is a goofy text that each student would be able to relate to. I really liked how when the teacher was explaining... more
    • Response to ASU 4+1 Lesson Plan - luckadooso, Sat Jun 20 13:18
      I really enjoyed your lesson. Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus is a great book and I have yet to find a student that doesn't engage with it, so I think it is a great idea to use as the base for... more
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