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Nicholas Flippen
RE: Writing Programs
Sat Jun 20, 2015 13:41

This week was full of useful software programs that can assist students in spelling instruction and writing. I think the use of these programs is fantastic! If we have the technology and the ability to reach students better, why not use it? I know that many believe that straying away from the sue of good ole fashioned pencil and paper is hindering our student's learning, but I would strongly disagree. The world is a different place now and technology is everywhere. Most jobs prefer their employees to type instead of writing by hand. With these new softwares, it makes it more likely that student with ASD could find a job somewhere where he or she would be allowed to use this new technology in order to help them complete their job.

  • Writing Programs - brownrf, Fri Jun 19 22:42
    This week, I was really interested in all of the writing programs that are available. After watching all of the vides of the students using programs like CoWriter and WriteOutLoud, I am definitely... more
    • RE: Writing Programs - Nicholas Flippen, Sat Jun 20 13:41
    • RE: writing programs - Lauren Livingston, Sat Jun 20 10:46
      I too love learning about practical programs and apps that are used to help students with ASD learn about literacy and writing. There are many Apps that you can download on the Ipad that meet the... more
    • reply to writing programs - Navila Castro, Sat Jun 20 10:03
      Yes, I even found out that there is an app for Co:Writer available for i-pads that is less than 20.00 that can help the student keep practicing writing even when they are outside of school.
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