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Writing instruction response
Sat Jun 20, 2015 15:28

I agree with all of your points and your examples were very helpful. I think that E-pals are definitely very useful. Learning to navigate technological communication is a must for 21st century learners. We need to help serve our students in the best way possible for the future, which I think you are definitely doing with your boys! It is so important for teachers to get creative in the way that we teach our students and meet the individual learners that come into our classroom. We must meet them where they are to serve them best.

  • Writing Instruction - Lauren Liivngston, Sat Jun 20 10:40
    I have enjoyed learning about different writing strategies and methods that would be useful when teaching students with ASD writing. In my experience I have found that students with ASD find writing... more
    • Re: Writing Instruction - wigginsmr, Sat Jun 20 23:30
      I have found that students with ASD enjoy drawing to tell a story. Art could be used as a segue into writing. Also, the point that you make about incorporating technology into our writing instruction ... more
    • E-pal Lessons - whitemb2, Sat Jun 20 15:45
      I found the e-pal lessons to be very interesting and engaging. The students were able to use topics and interests to talk about and make it personal which is the best type of writing. I love to see... more
    • Re: Writing Instruction - Karley Ingold, Sat Jun 20 15:32
      I also really liked the idea of the pen pals because it taught a valuable life skill that many students will need to know when they leave the classroom. I just recently took a job working an an... more
    • Writing instruction response - luckadooso, Sat Jun 20 15:28
    • RE: Writing Instruction - Nicholas Flippen, Sat Jun 20 13:45
      I agree with you, Lauren! I think the use of technology for our students with ASD has been a break through as far as writing instruction goes. We have found a way to reach these students in a way... more
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