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3rd Grade
Sat Jun 20, 2015 16:03

The only experience I had in a school setting with pen pals was 3rd grade. I was in a private school and they set us up on Compassion program where we wrote to children across the globe and talked about Christ and everything. We all found it exciting to get our letters back and being able to talk to these children and see pictures of them. However, it was a struggle because you would receive a letter a month later so students would have to be patient, but I wouldn't use that program. I was wondering if it would be fun for students to write letters and the teachers mix it up and give them to different students in the same grade but different class. I know it would be hard to keep it anonymous, but I think it would be fun!

  • Re: Module #4 Writing Instruction - hinesjd, Sat Jun 20 11:39
    I really enjoyed this week's module. One of things I think is important to consider as far as each student's individual strengths and weaknesses is which writing mediums they respond best to. If a... more
    • 3rd Grade - whitemb2, Sat Jun 20 16:03
    • Correction - hinesjd, Sat Jun 20 12:28
      Sorry forgot to add the subject line: "Writing for fun or instruction?"
    • re: module #4 writing instruction hinesjd - stacy huffman, Sat Jun 20 11:58
      I completely agree with finding the writing medium that students respond best to! I have a student who has great difficult creating anything independently on paper, but can type in any youtube video... more
      • Reply to Stacy Huffman - carsleymm, Sat Jun 20 12:03
        You're so right...I didn't even discuss this in my post! Technology is something I need to learn A LOT more about. Some of the assistive technology in the videos was amazing! I've got to know what it ... more
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