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Re: Writing Instruction
Sat Jun 20, 2015 16:43

I agree. I think using pencil and paper is an important aspect of learning to write. However, if it's a hindrance to their writing process and discourages them from wanting to write, I think it's better to let them use the "pencil" of their choice (I think there was an example of using one student using a label maker). Then once they get confident and comfortable with their writing, maybe then you could try the pencil and paper again? But I agree with you in that I think it's also necessary to figure out what can be use to motivate the child, like computers.

  • Writing Instruction - Amanda Wallace, Fri Jun 19 22:06
    I believe that pen and pencil should be used as well as computers for writing. I think that students will be more motivated when using computers, since they all seem to love it, but I don't think pen ... more
    • Re: Writing Instruction - brawleyeo, Sat Jun 20 16:43
    • Reply to Amanda - Haley Brigman, Fri Jun 19 22:14
      Amanda, I agree! Some might consider me "old school." While I do think technology is great and allows some pretty cool things take place in the classroom, I do believe there are some things that... more
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