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Karley Ingold
Re: Questions Galore!
Sat Jun 20, 2015 16:52

After watching both of the videos with Rakeem and Joey I think that the assistive technology that Joey used was much more beneficial than the technology that Rakeem was using. The reading of dialog helped to keep Joey on track and motivated while the technology that Rakeem used was not very interactive at all and I don't think would engage students. I do think that the pre-writing planning in the Rakeem video would be effective if he were made to expand upon what he had written down. Gathering thoughts and compiling ideas before writing is very important and can be used to give students some guidance once they begin writing.

  • Questions Galore! - Jean Milton, Thu Jun 18 21:19
    I had many questions after watching the videos and reading the articles. After watching Rakeem I had a lot of questions. What was he doing? I saw what appeared to be a rough draft/spider web chart to ... more
    • Re: Questions Galore! - Karley Ingold, Sat Jun 20 16:52
    • Re: Questions Galore! - brownrf, Fri Jun 19 23:42
      I had the exact same reaction to the video of Rakeem. I was so curious about what he was doing with the drawing and also typing. It was very different from the other videos and programs that the... more
    • Reply to Jean - Hunter Hastings, Fri Jun 19 08:16
      I think that most of the time a student wouldn't be given any assistive tech to help communicate. If they can communicate verbally I don't exactly see the point. Also if a school cannot find a... more
      • PECS - Jean Milton, Sun Jun 21 17:48
        I have seen some SLPs use assistive technology if a child's verbal skills/communication skills aren't improving fast enough. I have seen them implement something such as the GoTalkNow board or PECS... more
    • Reply to Jean - Technology - Haley Brigman, Thu Jun 18 23:50
      Jean, I also questioned the use of technology. One of the readings highly encouraged the use of technology for students with ASD. While I am not opposed to technology, I am skeptical about students... more
    • NCATP - Cynthia Trickel, Thu Jun 18 22:24
      Jean, I have the answers to your questions because I think with assistive technology there is a lot of trial and error. Of course having a specialist or a trained AT person come in to do an... more
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