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Sonya Summey
Re: power of peers
Sat Jun 20, 2015 17:56

I absolutely agree. Thinking back to middle and high school I know that students would take advantage of working in groups. Some kids did a lot of work and other didn't. It is the same in the real world to though, like in a job some will put in more effort than others. In college, I have met like minded people who delegate and put in around the same amount of work and always do their best with what they have to offer. If this is instilled with shared writing as opposed to sharing responsibilities I think that it is a great skill to teach.

  • Power of peers - Megan Rembert, Fri Jun 19 10:05
    i read an article that had a study showing how working with a peer over time can increase your story writing abilities and was it ever effective. I always thought of peer writing as you do the... more
    • Re: Power of Peers - parsonkl, Sat Jun 20 19:08
      It is amazing how beneficial having a peer collaboration from students can be. I think group work is a excellent idea. I believe in this case, the students thrived off each others strengths and... more
    • Re: power of peers - Sonya Summey, Sat Jun 20 17:56
    • re: power of peers - stacy huffman, Sat Jun 20 12:07
      Megan I really like the idea of peer writing. I can see how this could not on increase a student's story writing ability, but for students with ASD it is a great way to work on social skills in a... more
    • Re: Power of peers - hinesjd, Sat Jun 20 12:01
      I think one of the best benefits of this type of instruction is the increased confidence that the struggling writer can gain. Being able to work with a peer gives you a great role model to watch and... more
    • RE: power of peers - Lauren Livingston, Sat Jun 20 11:09
      I too read this article and was amazed at how well this strategy worked to facilitate the social aspect and written aspect of both the verbal student and the student that used an AAC device. What a... more
    • Power of Peers Reply - Allison Powers, Fri Jun 19 23:01
      I love it when teachers find ways for peers who use AACs to be included. I have been in classes where the student is mainstreamed and the teacher just modifies their work, but they don't have the... more
    • Peer Writing - Amanda Wallace, Fri Jun 19 21:49
      I really like the idea of peer writing. Putting two students together with different strengths and weaknesses could really help them to learn from each other.
      • Reply to Amanda - Haley Brigman, Fri Jun 19 22:08
        Amanda, I agree! I read this study and I found it interesting how the students bounced ideas off of each other and worked together to create a collaborative piece. They did learn from each other, the ... more
    • Re: Power of Peers - wigginsmr, Fri Jun 19 12:22
      Working with peers for writing is a great tactic for helping students grow in their writing abilities. They can give each other pointers and share ideas in an open atmosphere. I think that this... more
    • Reply to Power of Peers - Maggie Horne, Fri Jun 19 10:40
      Megan, I think that many of us viewed working with peers in that manner. As we were going through school, group work did consist of dividing up the work and not really having in-depth discussion... more
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