Feedback for Lower Elementary Mini Lesson
Sat Jun 20, 2015 18:17

I loved your groups mini lesson plan. It was a lot like our own, but I guess they mostly are since we were both teaching first grade.

The whole lesson was great but I think the anchor you guys had was wonderful. You taught the kids "what" it takes to be an author. It isn't just about writing a book from start to finish in one go. It is a process and is something that the students can do also because the authors have to take several of their ideas and put them together to make a story.

The only thing I can think that may need improvement is maybe having some set examples to choose from to write about in case some of students draw a blank. I know when I was put on the spot for something like this I would totally draw a blank and would get frustrated.

You guys did a great job. Thanks for sharing.

  • Lower Elementary Mini lesson - Navila Castro, Fri Jun 19 14:16
    https://docs.google.com/a/email.appstate.edu/document/d/1ugOQ37ZEKtY9GVgtd1SXoRM-4dFbCuKvuV7J7XC4fk4/edit?usp=sharing This is our link.
    • Feedback for Lower Elementary Mini Lesson - hildebranak, Sat Jun 20 18:17
    • Feedback - Britt Hatcher, Sat Jun 20 15:21
      I really enjoyed your lesson plan and I LOVE the layout of the classroom in the lesson! If I were the substitute teacher, I would know exactly what to teach. I also really like that you have the... more
    • Re: Lower Elementary Mini lesson - Sarah Baier, Sat Jun 20 13:02
      I really liked your anchor idea. I found it was a good idea to put the students in an authors shoes. I feel like if the students believe they are the authors they will take the assignment more... more
    • Lower Elementary Feedback - Angie Helton, Sat Jun 20 09:47
      Give a Glow: I love the detail of the classroom and how you described each process of the mini-lesson. I think the instructions are very clear and that a substitute teacher would easily follow your... more
      • Reply to Angie - Navila Castro, Sat Jun 20 15:25
        Angie, we originally had in mind father's day but tried to stay away from giving the children a prompt considering this week's information.
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