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Response - EPals
Sat Jun 20, 2015 19:50

Maggie, this was not an article that I was assigned to read this week, however I believe that I may go back and read it after seeing how much my peers seem to have enjoyed reading it this week. I love the idea of having an epal for students! I think it's a great way to encourage and motivate students while being both structured and a little bit unstructured. Maybe a way to add more of an academic content to this is to incorporate what they are learning in class to their emails to their epals. Not every email has to be academically related, but some could have a topic and they could discuss with their epal the information they have been learning in other classes. I love the idea here though and I'm curious to go back and read this article!

  • I really enjoyed reading Developing Technology- Supported, Evidence-Based Writing Instruction for Adolescents with Significant Writing Disabilities by Wollak and Koppenhaver (2011). They introduced a ... more
    • Response - EPals - Chelsea King, Sat Jun 20 19:50
    • Educational E-Pal - Rachel Caldwell, Fri Jun 19 15:41
      I found myself so excited about this program and the modifications thought of and the progress made. I was thinking about your questions as I reread some of the sections about the E-pal program. I do ... more
      • E-Pals - Allison Powers, Fri Jun 19 22:12
        One of the videos was about a boy named Joey and his experience with the E-pals. First, I think it is really important to state that he seemed to enjoy writing to his E-pal. I also read an article... more
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