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Re: How do we advocate for our students?
Sat Jun 20, 2015 22:48

I think this goes back to the accessibility of these devices and how it is often expensive to obtain them for the students. I feel like as a teacher, we should try to get the appropriate technology for the classroom that fits the child’s needs. I think it is hard to have control over what is provided at home but if we can provide the parents with information on what works best with their child and the options that are out there, they may be able to provide that for their child.

  • How do we advocate for our students? - hildebranak, Sat Jun 20 22:32
    In this course I have learned about many assistive devices I had no idea existed. I am sure there are parents of ASD students that are no aware of all the technology that will benefit their ASD... more
    • Reply - K. Madison Broome, Sat Jun 20 23:34
      I agree that by informing and making parents aware of the possibilities gives them the power they need. We must advocate for our students and work to get them what they really need!
    • Re: How do we advocate for our students? - coxdm, Sat Jun 20 22:48
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