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Sat Jun 20, 2015 23:18

Glow: I like the story planning chart. I think it is a good visual way to help students with ASD prepare to write. I also loved the idea of having both students work on and build a story together; It helps with social skills, team work, and writing skills. The students can learn from each other and bounce ideas off of each other. This is a fun learning activity that both kids will probably end up being very proud of. Also, since they don't have to worry about spelling or grammar, it might be easier for them to expand their ideas instead of focusing on mechanics.

Grow:I would let the students use an assistive writing device or a keyboard since one of them has difficulty gripping a pencil. I would also give them a full example during the model piece of the lesson plan instead of just the beginning of a story.

  • The Best Group Lesson Plan - Alexandria Spurrier, Sat Jun 20 10:07
    Maggie Horne, Alexandria Spurrier, Hunter Hastings, Rebekah Brown https://docs.google.com/document/d/1HDgYmbbcjZ5-DYvVWFDXzltiYhBaZxtYRbffzCAvl8E/edit?usp=sharing Enjoy!
    • The Best Group reply - tatem1, Sat Jun 20 23:18
    • Reply: The Best Group - Erica Phelps, Sat Jun 20 22:04
      I loved this lesson and the story planning sheet that you used to help the students visually organize their ideas before writing. I also liked that you emphasized that spelling and grammar were not... more
    • writing plan - catheyt, Sat Jun 20 19:00
      I liked how you had the boys work together to create their story. This may increase their motivation and lower the affective filter for them. My suggestion: You may want to break this lesson down... more
    • Response to TBG Lesson - Navila Castro, Sat Jun 20 16:33
      Give a Glow: I liked how your group created a lesson where the two boys take turns writing the story. This will aid in Daniel's social interactions. I also liked seeing that you included a story... more
    • Re: Glow/Grow to "The Best Group Lesson Plan" - bennettmc, Sat Jun 20 11:43
      Give A Glow: Overall, I thought this was carefully planned out and constructed. I liked how you all included the Standards and Objectives because it's important to know the goals we are trying to... more
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