"Supa Squad" organizer
Tue Jun 23, 2015 09:33

"Supa Squad" organizer

Members: Rachel Caldwell, Jacob Hines, Allison Powers, and Sonya Summey


  • Module #5 Putting It All Together Organizers - koppenhaverd, Mon Jun 15 13:34
    Post your group's Putting It All Together Webspiration graphic organizers here. Make sure you state your group name and group members' names clearly on the graphic organizer. Be sure to give... more
    • Correct Link for ASU 4+1 - wigginsmr, Wed Jun 24 19:03
      Here is the graphic organizer for the ASU 4+1 group (Rebecca Wiggins, Chelsea King, Ali Carr, Hayden Porter. Please disregard the previous post because the link does not take you to our graphic... more
      • Re: ASU 4+1 - Alexandria Spurrier, Wed Jun 24 20:11
        Good job on your graphic organizer, it was very organized and looked pretty similar to the one we did as a group! Everything looked really organized and I could easily read everything and follow the... more
      • Response to ASU 4+1 Graphic Organizer - brownrf, Wed Jun 24 20:10
        Hey guys! Your organizer was great and easy to follow. You really did a great job hitting all the key points and main ideas.
      • ASU 4+1 response - Hunter Hastings, Wed Jun 24 20:05
        Great job y'all! This is so simple and easy to follow. I think that you did a great job finding the key points of this week and simplifying it into a graphic organizer. I think that this is a very... more
    • ASU4+1 Graphic Organizer - wigginsmr, Wed Jun 24 18:36
      This is the ASU 4+1 (Rebecca Wiggins, Chelsea King, Hayden Porter, Ali Carr)'s graphic organizer for the readings and videos of Module 5. http://www.webspirationclassroom.com/launch.php
    • Elem. Educators - coxdm, Wed Jun 24 09:09
      Dana Cox, Karley Ingold, Kaitlin Parson http://www.webspirationclassroom.com/view/1592683a13ad8
      • Elem. Educators Response - carsleymm, Fri Jun 26 08:02
        There was a lot of information to cover and you all did a great job! Graphic organizers are tricky...I struggle with them because I'm more of a "verbal" person than a "visual" one. The way you used... more
      • Great Organizer - whitemb2, Wed Jun 24 22:40
        I loved your organizer! I have OCD and I tend to understand things better when they are organized and colorized. Your graphic organizer is simple and made in a way where I know where to start and how ... more
      • Re: Elem. Educators - Sara Pappas, Wed Jun 24 13:08
        This is very good graphic organizer. There are so many different topics and colors but yet it is very easy to read and understand. My glow is that I liked the way "best classroom practices" is in the ... more
      • RE: webspiration - Lauren Livingston, Wed Jun 24 10:34
        Very nice job on your organizer! I like how you took a lot of information yet color coded it and laid it out nicely so that the reader could easily understand it. I liked how you laid out the... more
      • re: Elem Educators graphic organizer - stacy huffman, Wed Jun 24 09:24
        Nice job on the organizer. I appreciate how you added the notes about the computer-based reading programs, self checklist and repeated reading.The use of different colors makes it much easier to... more
    • The Best Group's Webspiration - brownrf, Tue Jun 23 23:49
      • Webspiration - Jean Milton, Wed Jun 24 17:05
        I think your group did great with the videos. I like how you were able to pull so many different meanings from such a short clip and relate it to your articles. At times I felt like I was reading... more
      • Response to webspiration - Cynthia Trickel, Wed Jun 24 11:55
        Reviewing you webspiration, I found that it was easy to understand what your key points were for each section as well as your thought processes for each section. I also liked how you started the web... more
      • Re: The Best Group's Webspiration - Tracy Nicole Cornacchio, Wed Jun 24 09:56
        I think your webinar is a great example of how literacy instruction can be used. There is a lot of brief information on the web which looks a little overwhelming. I think your group did a great job... more
      • Webspiration Feedback - brawleyeo, Wed Jun 24 01:34
        Your group's diagram was detailed and obviously very well thought out. Sometimes I got lost in the arrows but I feel that's easy to do with all of the important information that was included. I... more
    • Lower Elementary Graphic organizer - Navila Castro, Tue Jun 23 23:40
      Here is our link: http://www.webspirationclassroom.com/view/1592316a289bd Group members: Tavia C., Navila C., Mary B.,Erica P.,Marcela T.
      • Graphic Organizer - Amanda Wallace, Wed Jun 24 11:08
        I can tell you each worked hard on this graphic organizer. It was very organized and I love how easy to read it is. I really like the exemplary teaching bubble, and think we should always try hard to ... more
      • Reply to Lower Elementary - rognstadgr, Wed Jun 24 08:44
        I thought your graphic organizer was very well laid out and easy to understand. The color coding made it easier to locate the article titles and know which one was being addressed. I components of... more
      • Re: Lower Elementary Graphic organizer - Megan Rembert, Wed Jun 24 08:27
        I love your web! I can easily see the information that your group got from the articles. I love how you break it up even to the point where you tell me how I should and should not lay out my physical ... more
      • Re: Lower Elementary Lesson Plan - Hillary Yarbrough , Wed Jun 24 06:33
        I really enjoyed your graphic organizer! It was very well organized and was very easy to understand and follow. I liked how everything went off of something so that it all stemmed from best classroom ... more
    • ASU Seniors Graphic Organizer - K. Madison Broome, Tue Jun 23 21:15
      This is the graphic organizer for ASU Seniors- Cassidy Milosh, Nicholas Flippen, Rebecca McVey, and K. Madison Broome. http://www.webspirationclassroom.com/view/1592456a10cb9
      • Feedback - Sonya Summey, Wed Jun 24 19:39
        I love the variety of shapes and colors. It makes this graphic organizer very appealing and makes it easier to distinguish and differentiate between the different levels. Some of the bubbles had a... more
      • ASU Seniors Graphic Organizer Review - Rachel Caldwell, Wed Jun 24 12:44
        Hi guys! I really enjoyed your graphic organizer. It was well organized, and like Allison mentioned, the different colors helped me a lot in understanding the flow of information. I really enjoyed... more
      • Reply to ASU Seniors - Allison Powers, Tue Jun 23 23:04
        Great job guys! Your graphic organizer was visually pleasing right of the bat- I think because it was more spread out, which was something we struggled with when doing this assignment. I also really... more
      • Re: ASU Seniors Graphic Organizer - hinesjd, Tue Jun 23 21:41
        Hey guys, good luck on yall's final papers! I really like how the diagram connects all of the readings and videos. I think all the group's diagrams are a bit hard to read because we couldn't fit all... more
    • CCCTI Cohort Webspiration - Angie Helton, Tue Jun 23 18:13
      Sarah Baier, Britt Hatcher, Angie Helton, Amy Hildebran http://www.webspirationpro.com/view/1592466a2780b
      • Re: CCCTI Webspiration - Jordan Seagraves, Wed Jun 24 16:44
        Wow! You all did so good putting together your organizer. I think you went above and beyond writing explanations for each strategy. The organizer was also very organized and easy to follow. Well done!
      • Re: CCCTI Cohort - andersenal, Wed Jun 24 15:13
        I thought your group's diagram was laid out well and easy to follow. I like that you included extra explanations for most of the boxes, in order to provide more information where needed. The section... more
      • "Best Pratices" Graphic Organizer - Haley Brigman, Wed Jun 24 10:47
        CCCTI Cohort - Wow! I was very impressed with your graphic organizer. First off, it was visually appealing and well organized which made it easy to follow. I like how you kept the "big picture" in... more
      • Re: CCCTI Cohort Webspiration - lavertyse, Tue Jun 23 22:51
        CCTI Cohort- I think that your Webspiration diagram looks well organized and thoughtfully put together. Upon looking at it, it looks like you all really made connections between the various articles... more
    • Student Teachers Webspiration - Megan Rembert, Tue Jun 23 16:42
      http://www.webspirationclassroom.com/view/1592418a2c69b Hillary Y, Amanda W, Glory R
      • Re:Student Teachers Webspiration - wigginsmr, Wed Jun 24 19:04
        The connections that you made are really insightful. I found it helpful that you incorporated students from the readings as examples for your points. This shows great connections between the ideas in ... more
      • Student Teachers - Feedback - Chelsea King, Wed Jun 24 16:17
        I think that your group did a great job on your graphic organizer. Using the heading of "Best Classroom Practices" and then breaking it down into discussion topics based upon each article was a great ... more
      • RE: Student Teacher Webspiration - Ali Carr, Wed Jun 24 16:08
        I really liked your graphic organizer. I think that your group did a great job pulling everything together. You went into detail about the different readings from the week and made valid points about ... more
      • Reply to Student Teacher's Webspiration - Hayden Porter, Tue Jun 23 22:56
        Wow! This is so great! You all did a fantastic job creating this graphic organizer. I really liked how you tied it all together, color-coded each section, and clearly laid out your thinking. I think... more
    • The Specialists Graphic Organizer - whitemb2, Tue Jun 23 15:33
      Here is the link to our graphic organizer that we did on some of the highlights of what we learned from this past month. Members: Mary Carsley, Stacy Huffman, Sara Pappas, Lauren Livingston, & Megan... more
      • Re: The Specialists Graphic Organizer - Sarah Baier, Wed Jun 24 17:01
        I really liked your webspiration! I feel like it had a lot of information but wasn't too overwhelming. I am going to save yours a reference for the future, thank you!
      • Re: The Specialists Graphic Organizer - Britt Hatcher, Wed Jun 24 15:50
        GLOW: Wow, great job with tying all the things that we have discussed in the semester. That is great! I really enjoyed that you included examples in many areas. This gave an overall look at what we... more
      • Re: The Specialists - Glow/Grow - Angie Helton, Wed Jun 24 07:06
        Your graphic organizer looks great! Glow: Your group did a great job with your 3 main topics of Reading Instruction, Writing Instruction, and Emergent Literacy. The areas were covered really well,... more
      • RE: The Specialists Graphic Organizer - hildebranak, Tue Jun 23 19:47
        I love how you connected everything that your learned this semester and you provided examples of all the ways that we can use to help our ASD students learn. But I think we were only supposed to... more
    • Elementary Ed Map - McKenzi Davis, Tue Jun 23 14:29
      Sarah Luckado, McKenzi Davis, Kelsie Fender, and Kelly MacDonald http://www.webspirationpro.com/publish.php?i=1592572a3463d
      • RE:Elementary Ed Map - tatem1, Wed Jun 24 13:28
        Glow: Wow! the map is very well organized and easy to follow. I love how it's color coded according to the articles and videos. Also, the questions and exclamations helped me understand the... more
      • web reply - catheyt, Wed Jun 24 08:48
        I like that your web include a lot of detail and included questions and ah-has! You definitely hit all of the main ideas. I would have liked to see the main components of the balanced literacy... more
      • Response to Elementary Ed Map - Navila Castro, Tue Jun 23 23:53
        Hello Elementary ed, I enjoyed following along your graphic organizer. Give a glow: I have to say that I liked that you divided each branch of your map by video or article. The question or... more
      • Re: Glow/Grow to "Elementary Ed Map" - bennettmc, Tue Jun 23 15:05
        This was extremely well organized and pleasing to the eye! Even though there is a ton of information, it was really easy to follow. Overall, great job! Give a Glow: I liked that you all included... more
    • "Supa Squad" organizer - hinesjd, Tue Jun 23 09:33
      • RE: Supa Squad Organizer - parsonkl, Wed Jun 24 19:46
        I really enjoyed reviewing your groups graphic organizer. I felt the group did a nice job of putting together the main ideas and components of classroom practices for this week. There was a ton of... more
      • Re: Supa Squad - coxdm, Wed Jun 24 13:08
        I loved how detailed your graphic organizer is. It was great that each bubble was broken down into small segments and it was not long sentences. I would agree with Karley, that it may be easier to... more
      • Re: "Supa Squad" organizer - Karley Ingold, Wed Jun 24 10:27
        Awesome job guys! your map is very detailed and covers a lot of information that would be helpful for teachers that have students with ASD. I liked the use of pictures and that it was separated into... more
    • The Educator's Putting It All Together Organizer - Jean Milton, Mon Jun 22 20:02
      • Reply-The Educators - Rebecca McVey, Tue Jun 23 23:23
        Very nicely done. I personally love this medium, and would love to use it in my personal classroom as it is so visual (very ASD friendly). I love how you give examples often, and connect everything... more
      • Reply to the Educators - K. Madison Broome, Tue Jun 23 21:30
        You guys put together a very detailed graphic organizer! You obviously put a lot of time and effort into it! One part that I especially liked was the right side where it talked about the fact that... more
      • Feedback for The Educators - Cassidy Milosh, Tue Jun 23 19:14
        Wow you guys!! Your graphic organizer summarizing your thoughts and ideas this week is so detailed but also highlights the most important findings. I love that you show how you found connections... more
      • RE: The Educator's Putting It All Together Organizer - Nicholas Flippen, Tue Jun 23 15:26
        You guys did a fantastic job with your graphic organizer! Everything was very detailed. Some of it seemed a tad disorganized, but that's so easy to do when you have so much information to add into... more
      • Completed By - Jean Milton, Mon Jun 22 20:03
        Cindy Trickel, Elizabeth Brawley, Jean Milton, and Nicole Cornacchio
    • Class of 2015 Graphic Organizer - brigmanhd, Fri Jun 19 22:34
      Mandy Andersen, Haley Brigman, Sara Laverty, Jordan Seagraves http://www.webspirationclassroom.com/view/1591993a2f8be
      • Class of 2015 Graphic Organizer - Kelsie Fender, Tue Jun 23 23:05
        You have created such a beautiful graphic organizer. Visually, I found it very easy to follow. I really like how you used different colors to identify each "level" you had within your map- the... more
      • Response to Graphic Organizer - luckadooso, Tue Jun 23 13:46
        Wow! Your map was very detailed and easy to follow and it looks like you guys put a lot of work into it. I also read the Evidence-Based Reading Instruction Article, so I really enjoyed seeing how you ... more
      • Re: Class of 2015 Graphic Organizer - macdonaldke, Tue Jun 23 12:50
        Wow, you all did a great job on this map, it is really comprehensive and covers a variety of topics that are relevant to teaching students with ASD. I especially like your main points about the... more
      • Re: - McKenzi Davis, Tue Jun 23 12:25
        Overall, I really liked reading your map! I liked how it was easy to follow and well organized. One thing that I really think would be helpful when teaching ASD students are the strategies that you... more
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