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Nicholas Flippen
RE: The Educator's Putting It All Together Organizer
Tue Jun 23, 2015 15:26

You guys did a fantastic job with your graphic organizer! Everything was very detailed. Some of it seemed a tad disorganized, but that's so easy to do when you have so much information to add into one graphic organizer. Overall, you guys did great!

  • The Educator's Putting It All Together Organizer - Jean Milton, Mon Jun 22 20:02
    • Reply-The Educators - Rebecca McVey, Tue Jun 23 23:23
      Very nicely done. I personally love this medium, and would love to use it in my personal classroom as it is so visual (very ASD friendly). I love how you give examples often, and connect everything... more
    • Reply to the Educators - K. Madison Broome, Tue Jun 23 21:30
      You guys put together a very detailed graphic organizer! You obviously put a lot of time and effort into it! One part that I especially liked was the right side where it talked about the fact that... more
    • Feedback for The Educators - Cassidy Milosh, Tue Jun 23 19:14
      Wow you guys!! Your graphic organizer summarizing your thoughts and ideas this week is so detailed but also highlights the most important findings. I love that you show how you found connections... more
    • RE: The Educator's Putting It All Together Organizer - Nicholas Flippen, Tue Jun 23 15:26
    • Completed By - Jean Milton, Mon Jun 22 20:03
      Cindy Trickel, Elizabeth Brawley, Jean Milton, and Nicole Cornacchio
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