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K. Madison Broome
Reply to the Educators
Tue Jun 23, 2015 21:30

You guys put together a very detailed graphic organizer! You obviously put a lot of time and effort into it! One part that I especially liked was the right side where it talked about the fact that "students with ASD who are able to read have difficulty interpreting text" and then you gave the reasons and remediation. This was an especially informative and well organized section! All of the other parts were great too! The only small issue I saw was that it got a little bit unorganized in a couple of parts, but besides that great job guys!

  • The Educator's Putting It All Together Organizer - Jean Milton, Mon Jun 22 20:02
    • Reply-The Educators - Rebecca McVey, Tue Jun 23 23:23
      Very nicely done. I personally love this medium, and would love to use it in my personal classroom as it is so visual (very ASD friendly). I love how you give examples often, and connect everything... more
    • Reply to the Educators - K. Madison Broome, Tue Jun 23 21:30
    • Feedback for The Educators - Cassidy Milosh, Tue Jun 23 19:14
      Wow you guys!! Your graphic organizer summarizing your thoughts and ideas this week is so detailed but also highlights the most important findings. I love that you show how you found connections... more
    • RE: The Educator's Putting It All Together Organizer - Nicholas Flippen, Tue Jun 23 15:26
      You guys did a fantastic job with your graphic organizer! Everything was very detailed. Some of it seemed a tad disorganized, but that's so easy to do when you have so much information to add into... more
    • Completed By - Jean Milton, Mon Jun 22 20:03
      Cindy Trickel, Elizabeth Brawley, Jean Milton, and Nicole Cornacchio
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