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Re: CCCTI Cohort Webspiration
Tue Jun 23, 2015 22:51

CCTI Cohort- I think that your Webspiration diagram looks well organized and thoughtfully put together. Upon looking at it, it looks like you all really made connections between the various articles and videos. I like the effort put in to further explaining your boxes. This helps a reader who may not have read the articles or seen the videos, still have the ability to get something out of your diagram, I can see strategies that were proven effective. I also read the Autism Spectrum Disorder and Literacy: A working manuscript. So this part of your diagram really caught my attention. I like the way you organize the materials. i think including details about the project design is important for the reader. This gives them a general idea of the study that would still allow for further exploration and reading about the study. Overall, I think your Websparation diagram is well organized, thought out, and detailed. Great work!

  • CCCTI Cohort Webspiration - Angie Helton, Tue Jun 23 18:13
    Sarah Baier, Britt Hatcher, Angie Helton, Amy Hildebran
    • Re: CCCTI Webspiration - Jordan Seagraves, Wed Jun 24 16:44
      Wow! You all did so good putting together your organizer. I think you went above and beyond writing explanations for each strategy. The organizer was also very organized and easy to follow. Well done!
    • Re: CCCTI Cohort - andersenal, Wed Jun 24 15:13
      I thought your group's diagram was laid out well and easy to follow. I like that you included extra explanations for most of the boxes, in order to provide more information where needed. The section... more
    • "Best Pratices" Graphic Organizer - Haley Brigman, Wed Jun 24 10:47
      CCCTI Cohort - Wow! I was very impressed with your graphic organizer. First off, it was visually appealing and well organized which made it easy to follow. I like how you kept the "big picture" in... more
    • Re: CCCTI Cohort Webspiration - lavertyse, Tue Jun 23 22:51
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