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Kelsie Fender
Class of 2015 Graphic Organizer
Tue Jun 23, 2015 23:05

You have created such a beautiful graphic organizer. Visually, I found it very easy to follow. I really like how you used different colors to identify each "level" you had within your map- the hierarchy makes your map user friendly! My group presented a very similar map where each article is presented and we listed our ideas from there. I also read the article about "An Exploratory Study of Inclusive Settings". I found that many of the points listed on your map were very similar to mine! I think you covered the main points of the article in depth. I agree with the points you've chosen, and I really love the way you arranged them. Overall, I believe this is a really neatly prepared, well thought out map! Good job!

  • Class of 2015 Graphic Organizer - brigmanhd, Fri Jun 19 22:34
    Mandy Andersen, Haley Brigman, Sara Laverty, Jordan Seagraves
    • Class of 2015 Graphic Organizer - Kelsie Fender, Tue Jun 23 23:05
    • Response to Graphic Organizer - luckadooso, Tue Jun 23 13:46
      Wow! Your map was very detailed and easy to follow and it looks like you guys put a lot of work into it. I also read the Evidence-Based Reading Instruction Article, so I really enjoyed seeing how you ... more
    • Re: Class of 2015 Graphic Organizer - macdonaldke, Tue Jun 23 12:50
      Wow, you all did a great job on this map, it is really comprehensive and covers a variety of topics that are relevant to teaching students with ASD. I especially like your main points about the... more
    • Re: - McKenzi Davis, Tue Jun 23 12:25
      Overall, I really liked reading your map! I liked how it was easy to follow and well organized. One thing that I really think would be helpful when teaching ASD students are the strategies that you... more
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