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Response to Elementary Ed Map
Tue Jun 23, 2015 23:53

Hello Elementary ed,

I enjoyed following along your graphic organizer.

Give a glow: I have to say that I liked that you divided each branch of your map by video or article. The question or exclamation point boxes that connected with concrete answers and points was great, almost like a FAQ's section or important info in each area. The color coding helped me follow along without feeling too overwhelmed.

Give a grow: I would have liked the boxes to be more separated, I felt they were all to close together. This is mainly on a visual point of view, I liked your content.

  • Elementary Ed Map - McKenzi Davis, Tue Jun 23 14:29
    Sarah Luckado, McKenzi Davis, Kelsie Fender, and Kelly MacDonald
    • RE:Elementary Ed Map - tatem1, Wed Jun 24 13:28
      Glow: Wow! the map is very well organized and easy to follow. I love how it's color coded according to the articles and videos. Also, the questions and exclamations helped me understand the... more
    • web reply - catheyt, Wed Jun 24 08:48
      I like that your web include a lot of detail and included questions and ah-has! You definitely hit all of the main ideas. I would have liked to see the main components of the balanced literacy... more
    • Response to Elementary Ed Map - Navila Castro, Tue Jun 23 23:53
    • Re: Glow/Grow to "Elementary Ed Map" - bennettmc, Tue Jun 23 15:05
      This was extremely well organized and pleasing to the eye! Even though there is a ton of information, it was really easy to follow. Overall, great job! Give a Glow: I liked that you all included... more
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