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Webspiration Feedback
Wed Jun 24, 2015 01:34

Your group's diagram was detailed and obviously very well thought out. Sometimes I got lost in the arrows but I feel that's easy to do with all of the important information that was included. I realized when my group was making ours it was hard to keep all of the information as concise as possible. Overall it was very detailed and you all included important information, especially on the themes of education. Great job guys!

  • The Best Group's Webspiration - brownrf, Tue Jun 23 23:49
    • Webspiration - Jean Milton, Wed Jun 24 17:05
      I think your group did great with the videos. I like how you were able to pull so many different meanings from such a short clip and relate it to your articles. At times I felt like I was reading... more
    • Response to webspiration - Cynthia Trickel, Wed Jun 24 11:55
      Reviewing you webspiration, I found that it was easy to understand what your key points were for each section as well as your thought processes for each section. I also liked how you started the web... more
    • Re: The Best Group's Webspiration - Tracy Nicole Cornacchio, Wed Jun 24 09:56
      I think your webinar is a great example of how literacy instruction can be used. There is a lot of brief information on the web which looks a little overwhelming. I think your group did a great job... more
    • Webspiration Feedback - brawleyeo, Wed Jun 24 01:34
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