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Angie Helton
Re: The Specialists - Glow/Grow
Wed Jun 24, 2015 07:06

Your graphic organizer looks great!

Glow: Your group did a great job with your 3 main topics of Reading Instruction, Writing Instruction, and Emergent Literacy. The areas were covered really well, and it is evident that you have gained a lot of knowledge this semester concerning the areas where ASD students have difficulty.

Grow: Your organizer covered the entire semester and should have been based "solely on this week's readings and viewings", which left me a bit confused on your project as a whole.

  • The Specialists Graphic Organizer - whitemb2, Tue Jun 23 15:33
    Here is the link to our graphic organizer that we did on some of the highlights of what we learned from this past month. Members: Mary Carsley, Stacy Huffman, Sara Pappas, Lauren Livingston, & Megan... more
    • Re: The Specialists Graphic Organizer - Sarah Baier, Wed Jun 24 17:01
      I really liked your webspiration! I feel like it had a lot of information but wasn't too overwhelming. I am going to save yours a reference for the future, thank you!
    • Re: The Specialists Graphic Organizer - Britt Hatcher, Wed Jun 24 15:50
      GLOW: Wow, great job with tying all the things that we have discussed in the semester. That is great! I really enjoyed that you included examples in many areas. This gave an overall look at what we... more
    • Re: The Specialists - Glow/Grow - Angie Helton, Wed Jun 24 07:06
    • RE: The Specialists Graphic Organizer - hildebranak, Tue Jun 23 19:47
      I love how you connected everything that your learned this semester and you provided examples of all the ways that we can use to help our ASD students learn. But I think we were only supposed to... more
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