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Megan Rembert
Re: Lower Elementary Graphic organizer
Wed Jun 24, 2015 08:27

I love your web! I can easily see the information that your group got from the articles. I love how you break it up even to the point where you tell me how I should and should not lay out my physical classroom in order for the students to succeed. You only gave me information that I needed and nothing more to junk it up. I especially liked the 5 components of evidence based literacy instruction. The only thing I might try to do is find a way to link the different instruction types to exemplary teaching. We should teach like that during all of our instruction so it could easily fit in any category.

  • Lower Elementary Graphic organizer - Navila Castro, Tue Jun 23 23:40
    Here is our link: Group members: Tavia C., Navila C., Mary B.,Erica P.,Marcela T.
    • Graphic Organizer - Amanda Wallace, Wed Jun 24 11:08
      I can tell you each worked hard on this graphic organizer. It was very organized and I love how easy to read it is. I really like the exemplary teaching bubble, and think we should always try hard to ... more
    • Reply to Lower Elementary - rognstadgr, Wed Jun 24 08:44
      I thought your graphic organizer was very well laid out and easy to understand. The color coding made it easier to locate the article titles and know which one was being addressed. I components of... more
    • Re: Lower Elementary Graphic organizer - Megan Rembert, Wed Jun 24 08:27
    • Re: Lower Elementary Lesson Plan - Hillary Yarbrough , Wed Jun 24 06:33
      I really enjoyed your graphic organizer! It was very well organized and was very easy to understand and follow. I liked how everything went off of something so that it all stemmed from best classroom ... more
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