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Lauren Livingston
RE: webspiration
Wed Jun 24, 2015 10:34

Very nice job on your organizer! I like how you took a lot of information yet color coded it and laid it out nicely so that the reader could easily understand it. I liked how you laid out the literacy strategies for the Whalon&Hart article- really puts it into perspective!:) I also liked how you linked the relevance of the material in literacy for the student with ASD- that's so important for students with ASD. I also like how you discussed prompting before and after answering.. I agree with Stacy on the amount of information being over whelming yet I understand you had a lot of content to cover. Overall I think for the amount of information you laid it out very well. :) Great Job!

  • Elem. Educators - coxdm, Wed Jun 24 09:09
    Dana Cox, Karley Ingold, Kaitlin Parson
    • Elem. Educators Response - carsleymm, Fri Jun 26 08:02
      There was a lot of information to cover and you all did a great job! Graphic organizers are tricky...I struggle with them because I'm more of a "verbal" person than a "visual" one. The way you used... more
    • Great Organizer - whitemb2, Wed Jun 24 22:40
      I loved your organizer! I have OCD and I tend to understand things better when they are organized and colorized. Your graphic organizer is simple and made in a way where I know where to start and how ... more
    • Re: Elem. Educators - Sara Pappas, Wed Jun 24 13:08
      This is very good graphic organizer. There are so many different topics and colors but yet it is very easy to read and understand. My glow is that I liked the way "best classroom practices" is in the ... more
    • RE: webspiration - Lauren Livingston, Wed Jun 24 10:34
    • re: Elem Educators graphic organizer - stacy huffman, Wed Jun 24 09:24
      Nice job on the organizer. I appreciate how you added the notes about the computer-based reading programs, self checklist and repeated reading.The use of different colors makes it much easier to... more
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