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RE:Elementary Ed Map
Wed Jun 24, 2015 13:28

Glow: Wow! the map is very well organized and easy to follow. I love how it's color coded according to the articles and videos. Also, the questions and exclamations helped me understand the information better. The content was helpful and right to the point.

Grow: I would have liked to have seen more on the map about the videos. The videos were open for interpretation and I would have liked to have read different in-depth interpretations on them instead of just a brief summary.

  • Elementary Ed Map - McKenzi Davis, Tue Jun 23 14:29
    Sarah Luckado, McKenzi Davis, Kelsie Fender, and Kelly MacDonald
    • RE:Elementary Ed Map - tatem1, Wed Jun 24 13:28
    • web reply - catheyt, Wed Jun 24 08:48
      I like that your web include a lot of detail and included questions and ah-has! You definitely hit all of the main ideas. I would have liked to see the main components of the balanced literacy... more
    • Response to Elementary Ed Map - Navila Castro, Tue Jun 23 23:53
      Hello Elementary ed, I enjoyed following along your graphic organizer. Give a glow: I have to say that I liked that you divided each branch of your map by video or article. The question or... more
    • Re: Glow/Grow to "Elementary Ed Map" - bennettmc, Tue Jun 23 15:05
      This was extremely well organized and pleasing to the eye! Even though there is a ton of information, it was really easy to follow. Overall, great job! Give a Glow: I liked that you all included... more
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