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Student Teachers - Feedback
Wed Jun 24, 2015 16:17

I think that your group did a great job on your graphic organizer. Using the heading of "Best Classroom Practices" and then breaking it down into discussion topics based upon each article was a great way to keep things well-organized. Your group really did a good job pulling out the main ideas from each article and providing key points based upon each of those. I found your graphic organizer easy to follow. I also like that you didn't put full on paragraphs in each of your circles, but rather key words or phrases. This graphic organizer helped to gather my thoughts and really helped me to further my understanding on the articles even after my group worked together on ours. Great work from your group!

  • Student Teachers Webspiration - Megan Rembert, Tue Jun 23 16:42 Hillary Y, Amanda W, Glory R
    • Re:Student Teachers Webspiration - wigginsmr, Wed Jun 24 19:04
      The connections that you made are really insightful. I found it helpful that you incorporated students from the readings as examples for your points. This shows great connections between the ideas in ... more
    • Student Teachers - Feedback - Chelsea King, Wed Jun 24 16:17
    • RE: Student Teacher Webspiration - Ali Carr, Wed Jun 24 16:08
      I really liked your graphic organizer. I think that your group did a great job pulling everything together. You went into detail about the different readings from the week and made valid points about ... more
    • Reply to Student Teacher's Webspiration - Hayden Porter, Tue Jun 23 22:56
      Wow! This is so great! You all did a fantastic job creating this graphic organizer. I really liked how you tied it all together, color-coded each section, and clearly laid out your thinking. I think... more
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