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Jean Milton
Wed Jun 24, 2015 17:05

I think your group did great with the videos. I like how you were able to pull so many different meanings from such a short clip and relate it to your articles. At times I felt like I was reading another article to combine the four. Your color scheme was easy to read and I had no problems following the arrows. Great job.

  • The Best Group's Webspiration - brownrf, Tue Jun 23 23:49
    • Webspiration - Jean Milton, Wed Jun 24 17:05
    • Response to webspiration - Cynthia Trickel, Wed Jun 24 11:55
      Reviewing you webspiration, I found that it was easy to understand what your key points were for each section as well as your thought processes for each section. I also liked how you started the web... more
    • Re: The Best Group's Webspiration - Tracy Nicole Cornacchio, Wed Jun 24 09:56
      I think your webinar is a great example of how literacy instruction can be used. There is a lot of brief information on the web which looks a little overwhelming. I think your group did a great job... more
    • Webspiration Feedback - brawleyeo, Wed Jun 24 01:34
      Your group's diagram was detailed and obviously very well thought out. Sometimes I got lost in the arrows but I feel that's easy to do with all of the important information that was included. I... more
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