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Maggie Horne
Rachel's Introduction
Wed May 27, 2015 21:16

Hey Rachel! I am extremely excited to hear your input throughout this class. I know we have had similar experiences and I know that we have a lot to learn. I too have worked at camps and after school programs for people with disabilities and I think those are valuable experiences that offer insight into students in situations teachers might not see.

  • Rachel Caldwell Introductions - Rachel Caldwell, Tue May 26 11:45
    My name is Rachel Caldwell and I am a junior Special Education major at App State and a part of the 4+1 graduate program. Through the education department, I have had the opportunity to intern in a... more
    • Rachel's Introduction - Maggie Horne, Wed May 27 21:16
    • Wrong year! - Rachel Caldwell, Tue May 26 13:34
      With the school year just ending, I have not yet gotten used to being a senior. I just finished by junior year, and I am now a senior. I still cannot believe how fast my time at ASU is going.
      • know what you mean - koppenhaverd, Wed May 27 13:25
        I can relate to your "how fast my time is going." Time accelerates with age, although I move much slower than I used to. Yesterday I was 21. Today I'm 58.
    • Reply to Rachel Caldwell - Hayden Porter, Tue May 26 12:10
      Hi Rachel! So glad to hear you've been able to get involved in the 4 + 1 program during your junior year! The department introduced it to us at the start of my senior year so I've been playing... more
      • Answers to Hayden's Questions - Rachel Caldwell, Tue May 26 12:30
        Hi Hayden! Its great that even though its a newer program that you still get to be a part of it! I am a part of the reading education program, but I had no idea that both programs would be taking... more
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