Sonya Summey
Wed Jun 24, 2015 19:39

I love the variety of shapes and colors. It makes this graphic organizer very appealing and makes it easier to distinguish and differentiate between the different levels. Some of the bubbles had a definition or full sentence which made it very clear and others were one word items to keep it short and concise. This is a great graphic organizer. It summarizes all of the articles and videos very well. My only recommendation would be to maybe add a little more information in the different grade levels section. Had I not read the articles I would want to know a bit more about each grade level. It is also confusing where to start on the graph. Maybe it would be a good idea to have a central point and branch out from it.
Overall this is great and again I love the bright colors and use of shapes! Great job!

  • ASU Seniors Graphic Organizer - K. Madison Broome, Tue Jun 23 21:15
    This is the graphic organizer for ASU Seniors- Cassidy Milosh, Nicholas Flippen, Rebecca McVey, and K. Madison Broome.
    • Feedback - Sonya Summey, Wed Jun 24 19:39
    • ASU Seniors Graphic Organizer Review - Rachel Caldwell, Wed Jun 24 12:44
      Hi guys! I really enjoyed your graphic organizer. It was well organized, and like Allison mentioned, the different colors helped me a lot in understanding the flow of information. I really enjoyed... more
    • Reply to ASU Seniors - Allison Powers, Tue Jun 23 23:04
      Great job guys! Your graphic organizer was visually pleasing right of the bat- I think because it was more spread out, which was something we struggled with when doing this assignment. I also really... more
    • Re: ASU Seniors Graphic Organizer - hinesjd, Tue Jun 23 21:41
      Hey guys, good luck on yall's final papers! I really like how the diagram connects all of the readings and videos. I think all the group's diagrams are a bit hard to read because we couldn't fit all... more
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