RE: Supa Squad Organizer
Wed Jun 24, 2015 19:46

I really enjoyed reviewing your groups graphic organizer. I felt the group did a nice job of putting together the main ideas and components of classroom practices for this week. There was a ton of information in this organizer, but it was all nicely put together and flowed smoothly. The animal graphics also added a nice touch that made the presentation of the organizer interesting. A feedback that you could grow on might would be to space the bubbles out a little more evenly next time, as some were squished together. Overall, this was an excellent graphic organizer!

  • "Supa Squad" organizer - hinesjd, Tue Jun 23 09:33
    "Supa Squad" organizer Members: Rachel Caldwell, Jacob Hines, Allison Powers, and Sonya Summey
    • RE: Supa Squad Organizer - parsonkl, Wed Jun 24 19:46
    • Re: Supa Squad - coxdm, Wed Jun 24 13:08
      I loved how detailed your graphic organizer is. It was great that each bubble was broken down into small segments and it was not long sentences. I would agree with Karley, that it may be easier to... more
    • Re: "Supa Squad" organizer - Karley Ingold, Wed Jun 24 10:27
      Awesome job guys! your map is very detailed and covers a lot of information that would be helpful for teachers that have students with ASD. I liked the use of pictures and that it was separated into... more
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