Hunter Hastings
ASU 4+1 response
Wed Jun 24, 2015 20:05

Great job y'all! This is so simple and easy to follow. I think that you did a great job finding the key points of this week and simplifying it into a graphic organizer. I think that this is a very helpful organizer and would be very useful as a future teacher!

  • Correct Link for ASU 4+1 - wigginsmr, Wed Jun 24 19:03
    Here is the graphic organizer for the ASU 4+1 group (Rebecca Wiggins, Chelsea King, Ali Carr, Hayden Porter. Please disregard the previous post because the link does not take you to our graphic... more
    • Re: ASU 4+1 - Alexandria Spurrier, Wed Jun 24 20:11
      Good job on your graphic organizer, it was very organized and looked pretty similar to the one we did as a group! Everything looked really organized and I could easily read everything and follow the... more
    • Response to ASU 4+1 Graphic Organizer - brownrf, Wed Jun 24 20:10
      Hey guys! Your organizer was great and easy to follow. You really did a great job hitting all the key points and main ideas.
    • ASU 4+1 response - Hunter Hastings, Wed Jun 24 20:05
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