Great Organizer
Wed Jun 24, 2015 22:40

I loved your organizer! I have OCD and I tend to understand things better when they are organized and colorized. Your graphic organizer is simple and made in a way where I know where to start and how to flow to the next key point. I also love the symmetry to your organizer, because the arrows are straight and the bubbles are just the right enough distance so that one can understand how the key points and topics relate to one another. I especially love how your group divided the strategies into grade levels and had materials and examples to show how those work in that specific grade. Overall I believe your graphic organizer was right on and was created in a manner that could be understood.

  • Elem. Educators - coxdm, Wed Jun 24 09:09
    Dana Cox, Karley Ingold, Kaitlin Parson http://www.webspirationclassroom.com/view/1592683a13ad8
    • Elem. Educators Response - carsleymm, Fri Jun 26 08:02
      There was a lot of information to cover and you all did a great job! Graphic organizers are tricky...I struggle with them because I'm more of a "verbal" person than a "visual" one. The way you used... more
    • Great Organizer - whitemb2, Wed Jun 24 22:40
    • Re: Elem. Educators - Sara Pappas, Wed Jun 24 13:08
      This is very good graphic organizer. There are so many different topics and colors but yet it is very easy to read and understand. My glow is that I liked the way "best classroom practices" is in the ... more
    • RE: webspiration - Lauren Livingston, Wed Jun 24 10:34
      Very nice job on your organizer! I like how you took a lot of information yet color coded it and laid it out nicely so that the reader could easily understand it. I liked how you laid out the... more
    • re: Elem Educators graphic organizer - stacy huffman, Wed Jun 24 09:24
      Nice job on the organizer. I appreciate how you added the notes about the computer-based reading programs, self checklist and repeated reading.The use of different colors makes it much easier to... more
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