Nicholas Flippen
Hello Megan!
Wed May 27, 2015 21:40

Your experience as a teacher is going to be very valuable in this course! I too believe that students with ASD have interests that can be honed in on to enhance literacy instruction. I have had experiences with students that have ASD and being able to use their interests to teach academic skills is a very effective way to help them love to learn! Good luck in the course!

  • Re: Module #1: Introductions - Megan Rembert, Wed May 27 15:56
    Hi there! I'm Megan and I am a recent alum of App State. I am taking this course to receive an autism certificate with my 4+1 reading degree from grad school. I have teacher experience in 5th, 3rd,... more
    • 4+1 - Amanda Wallace, Thu May 28 10:56
      Hi Megan, i am also taking this course to receive my autism certificate with my 4+1 reading degree. It sounds like you have range of experiences in different grades. I have interned in Kindergarten... more
    • Re: Module #1: Introductions - Karley Ingold, Wed May 27 22:42
      Hey Megan, I think its great that you have been able to work with a wide variety of grades. I just had my first real internship in first grand and absolutely loved it. I've also worked with upper... more
    • Lower elementary grades - tatem1, Wed May 27 22:16
      Hey Megan, I also have an interest in teaching lower elementary grades and have no experience with students diagnosed with autism. You made some great points about how important it is for teachers in ... more
    • Hello Megan! - Nicholas Flippen, Wed May 27 21:40
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