Hunter Hastings
Hi Glory!
Wed May 27, 2015 22:19

Glory, that is such a cool experience! I know that you dealt with an extreme situation, but I know that will prepare you for dealing with school systems and administration in the future. I am afraid that I will come in contact with administrators that don't provide or care for their special education students like they should. I hope that I will be able to face the situation like you did and be brave enough to stand up for the student.

  • Hello - Glory Rognstad, Wed May 27 13:45
    Hello everyone! My name is Glory Rognstad. After high school I quickly realized I was not ready to go to college, this realization lead to Ethiopia, where I was offered a job as a literature teacher... more
    • Ethiopia - Amanda Wallace, Thu May 28 10:51
      Glory, I would love to hear more about all the experiences you had while in Ethiopia. It sounds like you have a unique perspective and I'm looking forward to working with you this semester.
    • Hi Glory! - Hunter Hastings, Wed May 27 22:19
    • Glory's Introduction - Maggie Horne, Wed May 27 21:02
      Glory, how awesome it is that you were able to teach in another country! I spent some time in Nicaragua working in a school there and I too was appalled by how students with disabilities were... more
    • Hi Glory! - Lauren Livingston, Wed May 27 18:57
      Wow! What an amazing testament and story to explain to other people, "Why we do what we do?". I would love to hear more about your experience in Ethiopia. I am sure it would open my eyes to how... more
      • Agree with Lauren - Navila Castro, Wed May 27 20:02
        I agree with you Lauren, special education in other parts of the world seems bleak and I look forward to learning from Glory ways to advocate for students.
    • Glory reply - hinesjd, Wed May 27 18:54
      I have always wanted to go to another country and teach! Your story sounds incredible. I can't wait to learn from you this month.
    • Re: Hello - parsonkl, Wed May 27 18:06
      Hi Glory, that is really awesome that you had a job as a literature teacher in Ethiopia! I would love to travel to another Country one day and teach. I think it would be cool to see how different... more
    • Reply - Britt Hatcher, Wed May 27 14:43
      Hi!!! Your trip sounds amazing!!! I too have been to Africa and have seen the schools there, and you are so very right about the lack of resources. I was on a mission trip at the time and we were not ... more
    • Ethiopa - brawleyeo, Wed May 27 14:05
      What an amazing experience to be able to travel and teach in a foreign country! It's sad to hear about their lack of resources but it sounds like Nahem was lucky to have you in his corner!
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